Lapis Lazuli - Come Back to Your Center, Standing in the Truth of Who You Are

 Are you feeling stressed, off-center or uninspired? Reach for Lapis Lazuli to bring you back to a place of strength.   

Lapis Lazuli                

Wearing and using Lapis Lazuli brings you to the truth of who you are, beyond the mundane, moving you forward in your path to self-knowledge as you discover and learn to live from your true divine nature.

It can center you powerfully despite whatever stresses you are going through.

True Story about stress and re-centering – a good friend, Carol B. was buying a house and it was a big deal, large investment, and a lot more house than she’d ever imagined. But it was perfect in so many ways.

She’s normally calm, collected and sure of herself. But during this process, she called me a number of times kind of coming unglued. I’d talk her down, and it kind of worked, then one day I told her to go get her Lapis Necklace and put it on. I swear, within less than a minute she was completely calm, centered and absolutely sure is was the right decision. She was able to connect to her inspiration and see and feel all the reasons why this was a fabulous choice for her.

She now reaches for 2 things whenever she’s feeling stressed or off, her Lapis Lazuli necklace, and her BioElectric Shield.  In fact, she reminded me today to share her story. Her other favorite choice is a necklace of Peridot and Green Garnet – a combination that brings you to a heart space of acceptance and gratitude.

Akashic Records - Delve into the Akashic records and bringing an understanding of past lives into the here and now. Whether you experience the energies as coming from past lives or not, you will find that you are more able to identify habits and patterns that have been blocking your spiritual progress.

Experience divine inspiration as the energies of your soul spiral into your daily consciousness. Too often we play small, not stepping into our full truth – lapis calls your soul to step forward into its fullness, manifested here on the Earth plane. Feel your inner royalty and live from this heightened awareness of yourself as spirit.

Communicate Clearly, as if by Magic - Do you have something you need to say? Lapis opens both throat and brow chakras – bringing both your clear vision and your communication together so you can say just the right things, as if by magic.

Karmic Roots Uncovered - In addition to seeing spiritual patterns, you may also find Lapis Lazuli of assistance in identifying the karmic roots of disease, facilitating breaking through old patterns and emotions that have been sabotaging your healing process.

Clarity of Thought - Lapis is a powerful thought amplifier, promoting clarity and objectivity as well clarity in manifesting your dreams. It may also help you relieve stress and find deep peace.

Stand in Truth of Who You Are - When you wear Lapis Lazuli you can’t help but stand straighter and feel the inspiration and commitment of your soul. Step into the truth of who you are, who you have been, and who you are to be. You can access sacred knowledge with this “stone of total awareness" which helps you to expand your awareness and intellectual capacity, allowing for conscious attunement to the intuitive and psychic aspects of your nature.

Another dramatic demonstration of the power of Lapis came at a meditation workshop. "Sherry" is a woman who always seems very grounded, aware and in her power. I knew the Lapis Lazuli would resonate with her, but I wasn't prepared for the dramatic effect it had when she put it on. Instantly there was a shift and I felt as if I were looking at an ancient high priestess who exuded wisdom and love. Her eyes were brighter, her spine was straighter, there was a regality about her that was undeniable. I had the strangest desire to bow, or at least pay homage to the wise woman before me.

When she walked into the room in her "Cleo" necklace, a couple of people actually gasped. I heard comments about what a change it had made, about how focused and empowered she seemed. The great thing about a shift like this is that it isn't changing who you are, or imposing something different on you, it is strengthening and deepening the “You” that can fully access and utilize higher forms of awareness and understanding. Open your third eye and your throat chakra with this stone and you'll find that you not only have access to ancient wisdom, but you can communicate it with surety and elegance.

Wear Lapis Lazuli and step into who you are meant to be and share the gift of “You” with the world. 

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