Lapis Elegance  Earrings
Gemstone Alchemy Original

Lapis Elegance Earrings

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Lapis Lazuli and Sterling Silver
Do you have something you need to say? Lapis opens throat and brow chakras and can help you say just the right thing, as if by magic. Wearing Lapis may help you delve into the Akashic records – bringing understanding of this and past lives. Wearing it may also help you identify the karmic roots of disease as you break through old patterns and emotions that have been sabotaging your healing process.

Lapis is a stone of self-knowledge, truth, and reflection, assisting you in moving past the mundane as you identify habits and patterns that may be blocking your spiritual progress. Lapis can awaken the inner royalty within - moving you forward in your path to self-knowledge as you discover and learn to live from your true divine nature.

Lapis is a powerful thought amplifier, promoting clarity and objectivity as well as clarity in manifesting your dreams. It may also help you relieve stress and find deep peace.

Inner Vision, Truthful Communication, royal virtues, self-knowledge, reflection, clairvoyance, precognition

2" Lapis Lazuli, Sterling Silver

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