Grounded Truth - Natural Turquoise With Pyrite 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
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Grounded Truth - Natural Turquoise With Pyrite 925 Sterling Silver Pendant

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By wearing turquoise, you move into an aspect of forgiveness and compassion, allowing all you wish for yourself and wish for others, receiving those gifts in your own heart.

This is a valuable stone to wear, in these times of chaos and trouble.

Robert Simmons in The Book of Stones says, "Turquoise teaches the wisdom of compassion and forgiveness and offers one the opportunity to experience the insight that enlightened selfishness is identical with kindness and generosity."

 Pyrite provides grounding and can also assist in finding lost objects and manifesting abundance.


I'm a firm believer in the power of grounding to fly and expand. When you aren't grounded and living only in your higher chakras, you feel like you're living in divine bliss, but you're missing out on the deeper experience that happens when you are in touch with both the Earth and the Higher Realms.

When you're grounded, your energy can expand farther because that tether to Earth is like a lifeline, feeding you energy and giving wings to your soul with confidence that no matter how "far out you go," you'll easily come back with no fear of getting lost.

Expand into your Deepest Truth

 Expand fully into your deepest truth and wholeness as you share it effortlessly. A great stone to wear if you are a teacher, writer, or communicator.

 Unity and Wholeness

 Turquoise is a stone of Unity, Wholeness, and Truth. Articulate your deepest wisdom and share your understanding gained through your life experiences. Understand the validity of everything and realize that mistakes are simply another experience releasing t judgment and regret with compassion for yourself and others.

 A master healing stone, turquoise is a spiritual stone that helps to ground your spirituality and bathes you in its warm energy, promoting peace of mind. It enhances strength, wisdom, protection, positive thinking, and spontaneity in romance.


Finding Lost Objects - if you've lost something, wear this pendant and call on the "Angel of Lost Articles" and ask for help. Then pay attention to those ideas that pop in that may give you a clue as to where to look. I swear this works.




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