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Joyous Love in Action Set

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Allow your Joyous Heart to spur you into action in alignment with your highest potential.

This stunning Crazy Lace Agate pendant brings a thrill to my heart. The color combination makes this an especially powerful piece because it’s combining the energies of root (1st chakra), creativity (2nd chakra) and vision and spirituality (7th chakra)

Carnelian brings grounding, creativity and action, allowing you to take the guidance you are getting from spirit, and use it in a creative way to make the desires of your heart come true.

Crazy Lace Agate is a stone of Joy, it's nearly impossible to hold or wear it and not smile. Combined with Amethyst these two stones become your ally in bringing stability, peace, and inner strength giving you the courage to live to your highest potential.

Align your energies with Universal Love and Joy, releasing your emotional pain, bringing you back to your more lively, dynamic self.

If you've gotten stuck in your thinking patterns, this combo will help unstick you, so you are more flexible and vibrant and appreciative of the variety in your life.

If you're going thru a down period, crazy lace agate helps to balance your physical energies, increasing your stamina so you can "reach for your stars"

The pendant is just over 2.1” long

The necklace adjusts from 20.5-22” with adjustable pewter toggle. I’m happy to shorten as needed.

Carnelian, Crazy Lace Agate, Amethyst, .925 Sterling Silver and pewter.

The earrings are carved Carnelian and Amethyst with Sterling Silver .925

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