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Spirals of Heaven Set

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Lighten your heart as you open to Universal Love and receive abundance on all levels with this combination of Peridot and Tibetan Agate Dzi Style Heaven Eye Round Beads

Named after the beads, you can feel the love of heaven, yet remain strong and grounded. Opening to abundance works best when you are grounded and able to take action.

There’s a bold, yet delicate quality to the hand-carved agate beads. Each bead is slightly different with a patina.

Many are adept at giving of love, time and energy, but not so good at receiving. Peridot can assist you in dissipating these blockages so you may receive with grace and gratitude.

The dZi beads are said to bring the owner/wearer good fortune, health and luck, as well as being a very protective thing to wear every day.

Heart, Abundance, Universal Love, Gratitude, Courage, grounding, Strength

Necklace adjusts 18-19.5"
Earrings 2.5 - Sterling earwires
Tibetan Agate dZi style Beads, natural Peridot, sterling silver, an adjustable pewter toggle clasp

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