Elegant Onyx Earrings
Gemstone Alchemy Original

Elegant Onyx Earrings

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Are you feeling drained by the challenges in your life? Or are you having difficulty managing the many tasks that seem to require your attention all at once?

Onyx helps you prevent energy drain and enhances your powers of wise-decision making. Onyx grounds your energies into the physical plane while helping you perform multiple tasks with greater ease and success. I don’t know about you, but I’m always multi-tasking, and onyx can help you do that without losing track of your initial goal.

Onyx strengthens, heals and stabilizes your root chakra allowing you to feel stronger on all levels. The energy for all your other chakras comes through the root and if that is strong the others will be in better shape as well.

Onyx also eliminates apathy, assists with public speaking, eliminates negative thinking and grief and helps you identify and change self-sabotaging habits.

Step forward with focused assurance as you achieve your goals and stand up to the many challenges in your life with the calming, grounding power of onyx.

Onyx, Sterling, Surgical Steel 2.25”

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