Grounded Harmony Earrings
Gemstone Alchemy Original

Grounded Harmony Earrings

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Deep blue Agate

Do you need the courage to start again? Then this is a good choice for you as it helps you assimilate your life’s experiences and promotes the courage to begin again, overcoming negativity and bitterness of heart.

Agate is a protective energy stone and is very calming and soothing. It also can help strengthen your body's connection to the earth. It can give courage, energy, strength, and dispels fears, all of which increase self-confidence. It can also lessen feelings of envy by grounding your emotions. It is a stone of harmony and bringing the elements of one's being into harmony greatly enhances healing. Agate also enhances creativity and stimulates the intellect.

Agate is also considered a good luck stone. May all your luck be bodacious and courageous.

Earrings 2”

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