Gemstone Alchemy Original

Highest Potential Realized

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Align full with your highest purpose and potential. You’ll have a clearer sense of what that is by using your deepened spiritual knowledge and higher mind to assist you to see your possibilities.

This combination of light and dark stones sparkles and clears out any cobwebs that may be in the way, giving you the courage to expand into your fullness.

Amethyst brings energies of stability, peace, calm, balance, courage and inner strength. communication with angels, telepathy and other psychic abilities. Protection, purification, divine connection Activate higher mind, gain clearer comprehension of life experiences.

Note: this photo doesn't begin to do justice to the clarity of these stones. the pale Cape Amethyst is sparkling and clear, and dark amethyst is deep and rich. I retook photos about ten times, and just can't seem to capture it's beauty.

Materials: Amethyst – light and very dark, sterling silver,
Length 20”
Earrings 2” sterling silver earwires

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