Gemstone Alchemy Original

Knowledge of Earthstar set

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Rediscover your essential joy, discernment and mirth – an interesting combination that we can all use these days.

If you need to lighten up, wearing purple jade will help you rediscover your humor and an appreciation that all is in Divine order allowing you to find a space of calm despite the storm around you.

Links to Earthstar chakra below soles of feet. Brings forth spiritual knowledge and the soul's riches. Strong grounding circuit between the crown chakra and earthstar chakra,

Wearing purple jade will assist you in finding the teachers and guides who are in highest alignment with your soul purpose. It may also help you in perceiving and understanding the energies of others.

Excellent stone for HSPs and empaths as it’s an excellent cleansing and protective stone.

If you have difficulty in maintaining your individuality and find yourself adapting to the group, purple jade will help you stay true to yourself instead of falling into the trap of “normality”

Purple jade is a type of Jadeite and is sometimes called the ultimate “Dream Stone” as it helps you gain insight into the spiritual world, and higher knowledge.

19.5” Can shorten if needed.
Korean Purple Jade, Pewter, Hill Tribe Silver Clasp Sterling

Earrings 3” approx, can do shorter version - either just the top, or botton if you’d like. Note - they are the same length, it's just the photo angle. really. 

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