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Uplifting Love Set

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Feel your mood and outlook lift as a smile comes to your lips - maybe even a laugh.

Crazy Lace Agate is a stone of joy and love and when combined with Purple Jade and Lepidolite it’s bound to bring lightness and warmth to your heart.

Align yourself with unconditional Universal Love and joy, as you allow your emotional pain to be absorbed you will feel more dynamic, lively and more flexible and agile in your thinking.

If you’re going through a low period in your life this will bring your physical, mental and emotional energies into a more balanced and steady state. It can increase your stamina and give you the ability to "reach higher and further".

If you’re sensitive to other people’s energy and moods, (an HSP, Highly Sensitive Person, or empath) the purple jade is protective allowing you to more easily release the effects of the emotions bombarding you. This alone is a huge mood booster, you may even find that some of what you’ve struggled with isn’t even yours.

If you relate to these comments, you may also want to take the HSP quiz I helped design 

Crazy Lace Agate, Lepidolite, Purple Jade, Sterling Silver, with Adjustable pewter toggle

Necklace adjusts 19.5-21.5” - (shorter on request)
Earrings 2.5” with Sterling Silver wire and heart drop.

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