Gemstone Alchemy Original

Compassionate Serenity

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Open your heart chakra to compassion and serenity. Green Tourmaline and Rubellite Tourmaline combine to bring gentleness and strength to your heart.

Learn to see with your heart as you connect your soul to your visions and dreams – giving more energy and vitality to them, to attract success, prosperity, and abundance

Rubellite Tourmaline - Rubellite Tourmaline strengthens the will to understand love and promotes creativity in the various realms of loving aspirations. It also provides energy and vitality.

Your heart is easier when your mind and heart are in compassionate communication with each other quieting your mind through the power of love and understanding.

Negative energies shift to positive, imbuing your spirit with greater vitality and creativity.

There are earrings available - just not pictured.

Green Troumaline, Rubelite tourmaline, Sterling Silver

Necklace is adjustable with chain and lobster clasp.


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