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Confident Balanced Focus Beaded Chain

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Confident Balanced Focus Beaded Chain - Smoky Quartz and Tiger-Eye combine in this dynamic beaded chain

Get out of the spaced-out zone and back here to the present with more focus and clarity.

In these days of multi-tasking this is a valuable tool to have to help ground your energy, increasing your ability to manifest your dreams and visions. You’ll find you have the patience of a tiger in helping you know when to wait and when to leap.

Length - When wearing a beaded chain, most people tend to wear it shorter than when on a chain. Gemstone portion of the necklace is 16”, with the chain it’s Adjustable 16-22"

If you want it longer, just email me.

More Tiger-Eye Info

Tiger's-eye is grounding and uplifting, due to its combination of iron and quartz. Eliminates the blues and bring brightness and optimism. It helps balance yin-yang energy as it assists in the integration and balancing of both hemispheres of your brain. It can open you to admiration for the pure and beautiful, allowing your life, and passion for life, to open and blossom. 



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