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Calm Optimistic Clarity Set

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The frequency of amber connects you with nature and allows you to be energized and calm at the same time. In our fast-paced world this can be extremely helpful in maintaining your calm, optimistic viewpoint while at the same time experiencing much needed clarity.

Amber Works a Subtle Magic and is quite unlike any other stone… maybe that’s because it’s not a stone, it is actually organic, resin from a tree rather than a mineral.

The very structure of amber gives a clue as its benefits – its original function was to help the tree repair itself, protect against outside forces and rebuild from the inside out. Amber maintains its original intention and, unlike other stones, it doesn’t lend itself to imprinting with other energies or intentions, it stays true to its purpose in a steady, unchanging way.

Length 20"
Wear clasp front or back
Amber, Bronze, Thai Gold, Goldfill, antique gold/silver bead


Earrings approx 2.2"

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