Quan Yen Penant

Quan Yen Penant

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Tiger Eye synthesizes the energy of the Sun and the Earth to bring balance to your body and mind, helping you to become practical and more grounded.

It can eliminate the blues and bring brightness and optimism to your life. It helps balance yin-yang energy as it assists in the integration and balancing of both hemispheres of your e brain. It can open you to admiration for the pure and beautiful, allowing your life, and passion for life, to open and blossom. Strengthen convictions, courage, and confidence.

This stone resonates with the solar plexus and the root chakra.

Tigers Eye increases clarity, enhances psychic ability, helps discipline sexual and emotional life, and allows life to open and blossom. It also stimulates and maintains wealth, provides protection, practicality and softens stubbornness.

In human terms, the qualities of patience and timing relate to your ability to create what you want for your life. The color gold represents the ability to manifest; while the dark brown corresponds to the energies of the earth. Thus, the tiger's eye can help you to translate your ideas into physical reality.

Specifically, this stone helps you to have more confidence in your ability to realize your dreams by assisting you in recognizing the inner resources you can use for accomplishment.

Pendant Only Tiger Eye and Bronze wire wrap 2.5" approx
Shown with beaded chain - sold separately

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