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Courageous Dynamic Action

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Move from thought into action with the power of carnelian.

Do you feel like you are going nowhere? Do you ever feel frozen in place, afraid to take action? Do you hesitate because you are afraid that if you do something it will be wrong? Do you find at times that you can’t be sure which thoughts are yours and when you are being influenced by the thoughts and dreams of others?

Carnelian can help you find your direction as it grounds your energies and clears out old negative energies replacing them with positive ones. Break free of those self-defeating fears with the power of carnelian – the stone of action and forward movement. Carnelian is also a protective stone and is especially helpful in keeping your mind clear of outside thought influences – you’ll be much clearer on what is yours to do.

Carnelian will help you move forward on your path by releasing your fears with courage and confidence, certain that your ideas are valid. If you find it difficult to balance creativity and organizational skills, carnelian can help you take those free-floating ideas and organize them into a workable plan.

When you wear carnelian you won’t just wait for your dreams to appear you’ll take action – in control of your life. Take that concept from a vague dream and into reality knowing that you have the strength and vision to make things happen in alignment with divine will.

As a form of agate, carnelian has been thought by many to bring good luck. Take all the luck you can get, but luck is only powerful when combined with action…and carnelian will help you do just that.

Carnelian, pewter, sterling silver, clasp sterling and glass

Check out that beautiful clasp on the back. I purchased it many years ago and have been waiting for just the right piece to use it on.

3-strand necklace - shortest portion approximately 18” longest 22"

Earrings are included but not pictured right now

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