Gemstone Alchemy Original

Windswept Creativity Set

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The other name for this necklace is Desert Visions.

The glass bead has a meandering pattern that reminds me of a snake. Snakes shed their skins, releasing the old, and moving forward with renewed courage and balance – you will feel that energy move through you and surround you with the knowing that you can move forward with new energy and strength.

Sandstone is created by wind and water - some of that energy comes into this piece blowing away bad moods and enhancing your creativity.

Grounded in the earth, balanced, soothed and strengthened you can finally allow joy into your life, healing scarcity-mindedness and fear. Enjoy life and share your abundant heart with others.

Agate, Sandstone, Jade, Pewter, Glass.

Length 18.5-20”
Pendant 2.5” with enhancer dangle is 3”

Pendant is removable and can be worn alone.

Shown with Level 3 Satin BioElectric Shield – not included, purchase separately

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