Crystal Clarity - Universal Remedy - Beaded Chain Necklace

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Stimulate positive thoughts and feelings as you connect with both your Higher Self and the Universe. During challenging times it's more critical than ever to keep your mind clear and energized.

Quartz crystal can bring balance, help you center and increase the flow of energy through the physical and subtle bodies.

Experience mental clarity, emotional stability and facilitate focused meditative states.

Wear this simple Quartz necklace alone, with any pendant or with a BioElectric Shield as shown (sold separately).

The gemstone portion of the necklace is 16”, with the chain it’s Adjustable 16-22"
When wearing a beaded chain, most people tend to wear it shorter than when on a chain. Happy to customize sizing. 

If you're an Empath, HSP or EMF Sensitive the BioElectric Shield can be one of your best investments. It balances and strengthens your energy, deflects emf and other people's stress and negativity and gives you a space to breathe and be more fully yourself.


Get an assessment of your sensitivity in several areas, followed up with positive things you can do to bring more ease and grounding to your life, and we give you a recommendation for the Level of Shield that will best suit your needs.

I highly recommend the BioShield - it literally changed my life so profoundly that I've been working for the company as operations manager since 1994.  Read my Story

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